Be Advised: 

Safety and operating video is attached to rental agreement and must be viewed for all parties safety and protection.

Our top priority is safety

R&B Bounce House LLC and it's Affiliates reserve the right to cancel agreement and deny services in the event of a hostile situation that could cause bodily harm, damage to property, us, and our Affiliates

Before We Arrive...

You will receive a call/text from a R&B Bounce House representative (1) hour prior to scheduled time. For inflatable rentals, please make sure desired space for the unit is clear of any debris, sticks, rocks, power lines and animal waste to avoid delay in set up. To ensure a safe and successful fulfillment of service, a responsible party (18 or older) must be present at time of arrival, during set up and at pick up to avoid any mishaps. Rental Agreement must be completed prior to arrival.

Vehicle Rentals requested for drop/pick up location must be pre-tripped by all parties at start/end time. Report all concerns and errors before beginning, during and after. Please keep record of all claims and make immediate contact with R&B representative at point of concern. 

Venues are to be pre and post tripped by all parties to eliminate any error of concern of safety, health and comfortability. Please keep record and documentation of any claims and make immediate contact with R&B representative at point of concern. Walk through is strongly encouraged at least (1) hour prior to event time to avoid any delay in start time. 

Deposits & Cancellations:

A non-refundable deposit is required for rental services. Deposit will credit towards total amount due upon delivery. The deposit will not go towards future events if you choose to cancel.  The deposit is to secure your booking for specified booking date and time and will not hold as credit for a later date (times may be adjusted based upon availability). Contact Us should you have additional questions or concerns. Remaining balance for product/services will be due upon arrival. Cleaning deposit MUST be submitted with remaining balance due. Deposit will be rendered immediately after inspection of rental product. Deposit normally takes up to 48hrs to be issued back to initial payment method used. If you decide to cancel or reschedule your booking at any time, deposit submitted becomes null and will not go towards any future bookings. Last minute change of venue will require an additional $85 fee if not requested 24hrs prior to scheduled event. (zip code change may affect pricing)  

With the exception of inclement weather (see below) If for ANY  reason we cancel on you, a full refund of your deposit will be issued expeditiously. For more information contact us.


R&B Bounce House is insured for our joint protection only. Please feel free to ask for a copy of our Certificate of Insurance if required by your Institution's policies. Copy of photo ID will be required for Equipment Rental. Online agreement available HERE. Safety and Instruction videos have been attached to Rental Agreement to  assure knowledge of proper usage of equipment provided by R&B. 

Inclement Weather:

For the safety of equipment and personnel, R&B Bounce House LLC or it's affiliates will not setup equipment with the following conditions: rain, snow/ice, high winds, muddy conditions, or if the temperature is below 40 degrees. We recommend that you consider potential weather conditions when booking. Or consider reserving a suitable alternate indoor location for your event such as a church, gym or community center before delivery of any equipment.(Price may differ based upon zip code) No refunds will be issued in the event of any inclement weather conditions. 

Equipment Errors

Should any equipment develop a problem, or does not function properly at anytime during the duration of contracted time and day , or Consumer does not understand the operating instructions, Consumer agrees to immediately cease use of that equipment, document and contact us at time of incident.  If error occurs at any time after setup and pre-check performance has been cleared by all parties involved no refunds will be rendered. We will send a team member out to assist with problem. However, we will not guarantee that a solution will be met. Any evidence of tampering with equipment will void contract and be considered breach of agreement. You will be held liable for any damages that may had occur while equipment is under agreement and in your possession. If for any reason issue is due to a personal error  R&B Bounce House or any of our Affiliates, a partial refund may be negotiated. Please contact customer care for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Membership Policy:

We reserve the right to cancel any membership without notice if fraud is suspected or program ends. Membership is not to be shared with family and friends. You may cancel R&B membership at anytime. Penalty of self termination will result in immediate loss of all perks and bonuses. To cancel or reinstate Membership you must submit written statement of intent to cancel/reinstate to It is your responsibility to contact your banking institution to stop reoccurring payment. No refunds will be authorized under any circumstances. For all questions regarding membership tap HERE.