Frequently asked questions to assist you with the best booking experience possible. For more information contact us.

Price By Zip List

*Prices reflect total amount for inflatable rental and service fee*

40201 - $100 (Old Lou)

40214 - $125 (Iroquois Park)

*Be advised that any location pass Palatka will be charged an additional $25 service fee. Please contact customer care for assistance*

40202 - $100 (D-Town Lou)

40215 - $125 (Wyandotte Park)

40203 - $100 (Smoke Town)

40216 - $125 (Shively)

*Be advised that any location pass Rockford Ln. will be charged an additional $25 service fee. Please contact customer care for assistance*

40204 - $150 (Highlands)

40217 - $125 (George Rogers Park)

40205 - $150 (Seneca)

40218 - $150 (W. Buechel)

47130 - $150 (Jeffersonville)

40206 - $175 (Crescent Hill)

40219 - $125 (Newburg)

47150 - $150 (New Albany)

40207 - $150 (St. Matthews)

40220 - $150 (St. Matthews)

40208 - $125 (S. Louisville)

40221 - $150 (Highland Park)

40209 - $125 (Crittenden Dr.)

40222 - $150 (Hurstbourne)

40210 - $100 (W. Lou)

40223 - $150 (Middle Town)

40211 - $100 (W. Lou)

40224 - $150 (Hurstbourne)

40212 - $100 (W. Lou)

40225 - $125 (Gardiner Ln)

40213 - $150 (Audubon Park)

40226 - $150 (Jefferson Town)

All areas not listed - Tap HERE to inquirer

To get you the best price possible, please contact us. Must be a R&B Member to request payment plan. For information on how to join tap here.

Q. How do I book the inflatable I want?

A. Click "Book Now" below the product/service of interest. fill out booking request form and submit. A team member will contact you shortly after. Be advised that all booking request forms will be answered in the order received. Please allow up to 24 hrs to be contacted.

Q. Why is an adult required at all times to monitor the use of an inflatable?

A. With any amusement attraction, playground equipment, or inflatable, there exists the possibility for misuse. Improper use by the occupants, such as eating, drinking, use of silly string, climbing/tearing on nets, rough housing, or running into one another can cause serious injury and damage. It is important that a responsible adult be present at all times to ensure that all rules are followed.

Q. Are the inflatables sanitized?

A. Yes! We clean and disinfect all equipment before and after each rental to ensure a safe, clean and germ free party. Following all safety protocols required by the CDC due to Covid-19 and other contaminants.

Q. How many children can play in a bounce house at one time?

A. Unit Occupancy varies based on unit size. The rental agreement and rules for operation will be provided to you and will state the number of users allowed on the equipment you rent. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to be provided with any information that will help make your event both safe and memorable.

Q. Am I expected to tip the delivery people?

A. Our team goes out of their way to make sure you have a great rental experience! If you wish to tip for great service it will be appreciated, but it is not required.

Q. Do you match competitor’s prices or accept competitor’s coupons?

A. We will match any of our competitor’s pricing. Product/Service must be the same.The competitor’s rental price or coupon must be posted on the internet or be publicly available to be considered for application to your order. We cannot, however, match delivery fees as they are dependent upon location.

Q. How long can I keep my rental before pick up?

A. Drop off will be no later than 1pm with pick up beginning after 7pm. Unless otherwise arranged.

Service fees may apply for requested time adjustments.

Q. Can I use my membership discount combined with any other offer?

A. Yes. All promotional discounts and offers apply to members only.

Q. What happens if I lose power?

A. All inflatables designed for commercial or rental use require a fan or blower that runs continuously. Should the blowers stop working, immediately remove the children playing in or around the inflatable. Check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has tripped, reset the breaker and if the blower is working properly you may continue playing on the inflatable. Should the breaker trip a second time you should try another electrical outlet. If it trips again please call us right away.

Q. Do you deliver to parks?

A. Yes! Please check for electrical outlets prior to event. If none are available we will provide a generator for an additional fee.

*If event is at a Louisville Metro Park a permit is required (per the city of Louisville) you will need to contact Metro Parks at 502-368-5865*

Q. What if I ended my party before pick up?

A. Give us a call and we will pick it up before scheduled time at no cost to you.

(No credit will be given towards ending event early)

Q. How can I redeem my credits for referrals?

A. Each referral will count as $2 credit towards next inflatable rental with us. Referral must book in order to receive credit. Minimum 7 referrals per month. Referral credits do not rollover and will expire after (60) days. Please contact customer care for more detailed information.

Q. What happens if rental equipment breaks?

A. You are responsible for all rental equipment provided. If for any reason damage occurs beyond repair, full cost of R&B Bounce House LLC property will be billed expeditiously. All other damages will be inspected in billed accordingly.

Q. Can I book a inflatable via text message?

A. Yes. You can call, text, email or reach out to us using any social media platform available.

Q. Are all inflatables $100?

A. All traditional inflatables are priced for $100. However, additional service fees will apply based upon the zip code of delivery. Please reference service price list below for detailed information.

Q. What's the benefits of becoming a R&B Bounce House Member?

A. Becoming a member to us means being apart of the family. Giving you access to exclusive offers and discounts being 1 of many perks. Join for access to R&B Discount Days of The Week, DIY pick up/drop off service, community event access discount, $3 booking fee + referral credits.

Q. How does the DIY pick up/drop off service work?

A. Once you become a R&B Bounce House Member, you have our trust. With the ability to pick up and drop off on your own time, cuts out the service fee and extends your rental period for up to 3 additional hours of fun.

Q. What information is collected to become a member?

A. Once membership is purchased, a text/email will be sent with a link to the R&B Member intake application. You will be required to upload identification to submit form.

Q. What is the community event access discount?

A. The R&B access discount gives you a percentage off for ANY public event sponsored by us.

Q. Why do I have to pay a cleaning deposit?

A. Due to food, candy, silly string and other prohibited items being found inside inflatables.

Q. Is the $25 refundable?

a. Yes. After inspection of inflatable.

Q. When will I receive my $25 cleaning deposit?

A. Once inflatable has been inspected at time of pick up.

Q. What would prevent me from receiving my $25 cleaning deposit?

A. If food, candy, silly string or any other prohibited item is found inside inflatable during pick up, cleaning deposit becomes non-refundable.

Be Advised: We will NEVER ask for your social security number. If ANY person(s) claiming to be a R&B Bounce House representative request your social security number, DO NOT COMPLY. Contact your local police department immediately.